Event update conducted on 29 Nov

Just to share the experience about the seminar which was conducted yesterday  i.e.- 29th Nov.
It was a good event and to indeed have Roohi Saikh (MVP) a speaker on CRM Dynamics . We really expect lot many people to enjoy this kind of free seminar which I am sure is very much fruitful for you all.

IMG_20141129_152722356_HDR IMG_20141129_155110342_HDRs a

I would like to thank Roohi Saikh(MVP) for her conducting session on CRM Dynamics & definitely Pravin Joshi (Trainer) for conducting second half of session on Visual Studio Team Syst

Also I would like to give a special thanks to
Biplab Paul (South Asia MVP Lead) for the Training room & projector arrangement.
Stepbystepschool for sponsoring the food.

Contact us any time at  pradeepsh824@gmail.com, if anyone is interested and keep following us. Once again thanking you all by Pradeep Shet on behalf of Mumbai Techie Group.

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