REBOOT Mumbai on 31st Jan, 2015

Hello Folks,
We are back here for our new year’s first event. This time we planned for a huge REBOOT MUMBAI, ASIA’S BIGGEST COMMUNITY EVENT, REBOOT IS BACK WITH A BANG. This event would be conducted on 31st Jan, 2015

Venue: – VJTI College, Matunga, Mumbai

Date :- 31st Jan, 2015
Timings :- 8:00 am onwards

For Registration click on below link
(Note: Last date of registration 30th Jan, 2015)

This is a platform by the community, for the community. So join us to learn from industry experts & masters of the community.
This time we have 4 great MVP speakers on stage
=>Dr Nitin Paranjape  – Office 365
=>Inderjeet Singh Jaggi – Sharepoint Server on Office 365
=>Roohi Shaikh – MS Dynamics CRM
=>Shivprasad Koirala – Windows Azure with Visual Studio

This event is initiated by Microsoft in partnership with Mumbai Techie Group and VJTI College, Mumbai. Don’t miss it. Make your weekend worth.

About Pradeep Shet

Corporate / Online Trainer, Consultant, Architect
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4 Responses to REBOOT Mumbai on 31st Jan, 2015

  1. Prashant Shinde says:

    Registration link is not working…can someone please look into it?


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