Event update held on 18th April, 2015 on Sharepoint configuration & Knockout JS framework

Sharing experience of the Seminar conducted yesterday.
Starting the day, we had Inderjeet Singh (MVP) talking about Sharepoint installation and configuration which I hope will be useful to get started with Sharepoint learning.

Post lunch we had Pradeep Shet(Me) talking about knockout framework & its need for today’s world & a practical session on working with this framework.

On behalf of Mumbai Techie Group I would like to thanks the team one by one-
-Inderjeet Singh(MVP) a speaker/friend for taking his time for delivering a fruitful session.
-Special thanks to Stepbystepschools for sponsoring the food.
-Lastly again special thanks to Biplab Paul (South Asia MVP Lead) for providing the Training room & projector arrangement.

Expecting more and more attendees take advantage of the free event that we organize. Make your weekend fruitful by gaining knowledge attending this free event

Contact us any time at  pradeepsh824@gmail.com, if anyone is interested and keep following us. Once again thanks to all the audience & speaker from Pradeep Shet (Lead) on behalf of Mumbai Techie Group.

I would like all the participants who were present in the session to share your experience & suggestion if any. It will definitely motivate us to help you better in future. Please like the facebook page & comment about the event.

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