Mumbai Techie Group reached VJTI College

This time Mumbai Techie Group finally reached VJTI college – Mumbai (

This Seminar was conducted by Sukesh Marla (MVP) on Asp.Net MVC, was specifically for VJTI IT and Computer Science students.

Sharing the experience of the day, it was really great to see such a huge young bunch of talent waiting for getting into IT world.

Some pics of eventIMG_20150801_110110 IMG_20150801_110147 IMG_20150801_105247443_HDR IMG_20150801_114057917_HDR IMG_20150801_123732297_HDR IMG_20150801_123749374 IMG_20150801_124212128 IMG_20150801_141224984_HDR IMG_20150801_141231617_HDR

The session went really awesome with lots of questions been asked by students.  I woud really appreciate the students who took there time from off day and attended the event with full enthusiasm. I will take a moment to thank each one of them who were indirectly been a part of this session and made it a great success.

-Thanks to Bhole Sir from VJTI IT department, because of their request we were able to  conduct this awareness Seminar for upcoming IT professionals. Also for providing us the college premise and a sponsorship on Tea break to all the attendees.

-Thanks to my dear friend Sukesh Marla (MVP) for conducting a fruitful hands on practical session on Asp.Net

– Special thanks to my friends SaiPrasad Sherlekar & Saineshwar bageri for taking their time & helping such huge crowd of students for hands on.

-Of course a special thanks to ShivPrasad Koirala Sir & his team for initiating this event talk without which it wouldn’t have been possible at all.

-Finally I would like to appreciate & thank all those students who were available as a participants.

I would request you to please share your experience /suggestions  or any recommendations of topics to be covered in upcoming seminars with us.It will definitely motivate us to help you better in future. Like the facebook page & comment about the event.

About Pradeep Shet

Corporate / Online Trainer, Consultant, Architect
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1 Response to Mumbai Techie Group reached VJTI College

  1. sukeshmarla says:

    Special thanks to @Pradeep shet for organizing all the stuffs..

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