A small step towards making teaching better

On behalf of Microsoft Community Day 2015 which was held on 19th Sept, 2015 all over, Mumbai Techie Group team decided to visit a school Manjunath Vidyalaya (Dombivli) to guide students of 9th & 10th about selecting a career after SSC & giving some knowledge about Web & HTML. It was really a great time to spend there.

A step further, we decided to gift a laptop & a projector to the school for making a learning process a better & digital than before. School principle has assured us that they will start moving towards teaching their subjects using this projector.






Some of the pics IMG-20151006-WA0004





We got a appreciation letter from the school principle for helping them.001













Thank you Manjunath Vidyalaya for giving us this opportunity.
Hope this step of ours will make a difference.

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One Response to A small step towards making teaching better

  1. Sukesh says:

    It was Impossible for me without great contribution from Raghu Nayak, Pradeep Shet and Shiv prasad Koirala.


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