Mumbai Techie Group reached Pendarkar College

Mumbai Techie Group reached a Pendarkar College, Dombivli

This was really a great opportunity given by college to train their last year Bsc IT as well as Bsc Computer Science students, on topics like HTML 5, JQuery, SQL, Asp.Net

I would like to thanks my friends,

Raghvendra Nayak & Sukesh Marla (MVP) for conducting session on HTML5 & JQuery on 30th Jan, ,2016.
Also like to thanks Pradeep Shet for conducting session on SQL & Asp.Net on 6th Feb, 2016.
Thanks to my friend Saiprasad Sherlekar for conducting session on Object Oriented Programming on 13th Feb, 2016
Thanks to Jyoti Madam (Pendarkar College) for giving us permission to conduct sessions.
Thanks to StepbyStepSchools ( for sponsoring.

Students were really enthusiast in answering to questions & asking questions as well.

More sessions to come for the students.

About Pradeep Shet

Corporate / Online Trainer, Consultant, Architect
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  1. Great work guys…..Keep rocking

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