Experience sharing for seminar on IOT on 19th Mar, 2016

A small update for sharing the experience about the Seminar that was held yesterday.
It was really a great to have Adnyesh Dalpati (www.facebook.com/iotians) on stage talking about IOT which is a hot topic in today’s world.

First half of the day, there was an introduction about IOT and why it is must in today’s digital world. Then there was a practical showcase working on Arduino board working with sensor which was really awesome. Lots of Q/A happened from enthusiastic people which added more value to the event.

Then after lunch, Second half of the day, there was more details about IOT and a practical demo of Rasberry pi board working with light sensor and controlled from a web page.

It was an awesome demos shown by Adnyesh about how these sensors behavior could be captured & send to internet.

I would really like to take a moment to thank Adnyesh Dalpati for delivering this wonderful & fruitful session. Also thanks to all the great audience who have came long way for attending this session. We got a really good response with nice feedback. Thanks a lot folks for your feedback.

Some pics of the day
1491394_953741218043368_1255124193994042557_oIMG_20160319_120603907 IMG_20160319_112717964 IMG_20160319_112753920



IMG_20160319_112727657_HDR IMG_20160319_112744900_HDR

I will not forget to thanks all others who indirectly been a part of this event. On behalf of Mumbai Techie Group I would like to thanks our team one by one-

-Special thanks to StepbyStepSchools (www.Stepbytepschools.net)  for sponsoring the food.
-Lastly again special thanks to Biplab Paul (South Asia MVP Lead) & Usha Rathnavel for follow up on providing us the Training room & projector arrangement at the Microsoft premise.

Group pic:

IMG_20160319_153321525 IMG_20160319_153343874

Also thanks to all those people who took their time and attended the Seminar & made it wonderful. It would be kind if you can share your experience/suggestions at the event or any recommendations of topics to be covered in upcoming seminars with us. It will definitely motivate us to help you better in future. Like the facebook page & comment about the event.

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