Webinar update conducted on 11th June, 2016

webinarSuccessfully completed another webinar on Understanding Product Owner’s Role in Scrum as a part of “Saturday Online”. Thank you very much Prashant Shinde (Trainer) for taking your time from busy schedule & sharing your knowledge. I hope it was very much fruitful to all. It was indeed a great session talking about the role of an Product Owner when following Agile Methodology in any organization. Thank you audience for attending the session and being so enthusiast asking questions.


I am sharing the recorded video of webinar for your reference

Presentation deck

Agenda for the day was:
-Overview of Scrum
-Roles in Scrum
-What is a Product Owner?
-Responsibilities of Product Owner
-Why this role is very important?
-Who can become a Product Owner?
-Opportunities available for PO
-Q & A

Stay connected with us for more of this sessions in future. Please share your views/suggestion & feedback towards this session.

Lastly any one interested in giving the webinar like this can contact us or mail us at pradeepsh824@gmail.com.

Please share your comments & feedback. This will help us to make it better.

See you again this Saturday with some new topic:)

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