Experience sharing for workshop at Pendharkar College on 13th Jan, 2018

Hi all,

We are back again. A small update for sharing the experience about the WorkShop that was conducted at Pendharkar College, Dombivli on 13th Jan, 2018. It was a half day workshop where we talked with the students of TYBsc IT & CS regarding latest trends going on in IT market.
We had Pradeep Shet on stage who talked on Microsoft Cognitive Services & its importance & usage. In Cognitive service, he showed demo on one of API service which is Text Analytics API. It was really great to find students enthusiast to know about these technologies.

After a break he talked on Conversational platform & what can be the future of conversational platform.

Finally he ended talking about Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and how most MNC started looking for RPA tools to automate their manual work. These are really great platform available in market & have huge value in it.

It is really a great experience to teach them & make them prepare for such technologies. I would like to thank Pradeep Shet (Trainer) for conducting this session.  A big thank you to Jyoti Sukenkar Madam (Pendharkar College) for approaching us again &  allowing us to conduct the session in their college premise.


Also thanks to all those people who took their time and attended the workshop & made it wonderful. It would be kind if you can share your experience/suggestions at the event or any recommendations of topics to be covered in upcoming seminars with us. Like the facebook page & comment about the event. Thank you.

About Pradeep Shet

Corporate / Online Trainer, Consultant, Architect
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