Experience sharing for Azure Day on 7th April, 2018

After a long gap we are back 🙂 A small update for sharing the experience about the workshop that was conducted on 07th April, 2018. It was really a great experience. The Agenda for the workshop was Azure. I would like to thanks Shivprasad Koirala Sir for taking time & making this workshop as usual very interactive & worth.

The workshop was totally developer centric. Session started with Azure cloud model – IAAS, PAAS & SAAS, session continued with Azure Storage i,e, – Blob, Azure Tables, Queues & SQL Server of Azure.

Also talked & showed practically, the difference between Web role, Worker role.

Post lunch Shiv sir talked about hot topic going on in Azure i.e. – Cosmos DB & Azure Fabric and Micro-services.

It was a good interactive session. People cannot do practical much as it needed an Azure subscription.

Video link for Azure beginners- 
Click hereFor more such videos visit http://www.questpond.com See our other Step by Step video series


Some of the event pics 

We received good feedback from attendees. So thank you for that. Also will not forget to thanks all others who indirectly been a part of this event. On behalf of Mumbai Techie Group I would like to thank –

-Special thanks to #StepbyStepSchools & Shivprasad Koirala for food & premise sponsorship.

Once again thank you to all those people who took their time and attended the workshop & made it wonderful. It would be kind if you can share your experience/suggestions & feedback for the event or any recommendations of topics to be covered in upcoming seminars with us. It will definitely motivate us to help you better in future. Like the facebook page & comment about the event.

Thank you & have a great day. Pradeep Shet  here signing off.

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3 Responses to Experience sharing for Azure Day on 7th April, 2018

  1. Naresh Soni says:

    Nice one


  2. Brijesh Kothari says:

    It was really nice and amazing session. Now learning Azure has become more interesting after the session.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Asima padhy says:

    It was extremely helpful to understand the basic of azure cloud model.
    Quality of the content was excellent.
    Thanks so much Shiv sir for your very valuable training.

    Liked by 1 person

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