D2D (Developer to Developer) in Mumbai

As a part of knowledge sharing across the developer community, D2D  i.e – Developer to Developer initiative was started by Mr. Sanjay Vyas sir and it is now supported of hundreds of developers.

Few things to know about this initiative

1. It’s an initiative to spread technological knowledge among peers.
2. It is meant for experienced developers and not students.
3. These are short, but in-depth sessions with practicals (1 or 2 days)
4. Usually sessions are on weekends and offline at Step By Step Schools Premise.
5. Session have very limited seats with low cost fees for the enrollment to bare the logistics & food expenses of all the attendees & trainer.
6. It is meant to give a kick start to the developers in any particular technology
7. It is conducted by professionals/trainers, who are expert in that technology

This initiative has been liked & enjoyed by many developers who are willing to learn technology. So if you want to learn & gain knowledge then get your laptop & join us. Stay tuned for next upcoming D2D

Below are some of the pics of session which are already conducted

D2D on AI (Artificial Intelligence by Vic Parmar

D2D on Linux for Windows Developers by Sanjay Vyas Sir

Connect with us in our Telegram group or stay connected here. Thank you!


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