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It is a Mumbai based community for the people who likes to know about technology and interested in sharing their knowledge with us.

For any query, Contact us –

Pradeep Shet –




Pravin Joshi –

9 Responses to Contact us

  1. Girija Sawant says:

    Please update me about latest seminars on my email id.


  2. Keyur Nayak says:

    Registering for updates


  3. Murtaza says:

    Hello Pradeep,

    Is there any way to get the email notification for your seminars, I was very kin of knowing more on iOT which was missed on 19th March. I got this link of Shivparasad Koirala’s post on facebook. It would be better we share a email to all subscribers about the events.



  4. Sachin Kolte says:

    Please add me to this group for learn things


  5. nagarajan says:

    I am a 3+ exp in dotnet .Please add me to this group for learn things. Any seminor will happen in chennai ?


    • Pradeep Shet says:

      Hi Nagarajan,

      As such no planning for seminar in Chennai. Definitely will plan for other cities. Kindly subscribe for getting updates on seminar as well as webinars. Click on “Follow Mumbai Techie Group ” link on the right section of screen.


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