Connect to Live Meeting for Webinar?

How to connect to Live Meeting?

There are basically 2 ways to connect Live meeting.

1)Click on the first link

2) Click on Join Meeting

3) Small temporary client setup is downloaded

4) You will have the below dialogue box

5) You should be able to get logged in…wohooo. Welcome to webinar.

To avoid getting this temporary client file downloaded every time you join Live meeting, you can install the client setup by clicking the second link.

6) This will download the setup as shown in below screen. Install it.




7) Now Live meeting will appear in your Start menu. Now next time onward, no need to download anything again. You just have to enter the credentials provided to you in the dialogue box.


8) That’s it, you will be able login now.

That’s it. If you still face issue, connect to support.