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Experience sharing on Webinar on SOLID Principles

Thank you everyone for joining the webinar conducted on 9th Mar, 2020 at 10:00 pm. The webinar went in really cool fashion with lots of questions from attendees to Speaker which created a great environment of learning. Thank you Sukesh … Continue reading

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We are coming back on track – Webinar on SOLID Principles

Hello Techies, Without knowing & following principles, it is really tough to survive, same is the case with our Object Oriented Principles i.e – SOLID Principle. If you are willing to learn about SOLID principles, then join our next webinar … Continue reading

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Webinar on “Electron Framework – The power of Js” on 6th Aug, 2017

Do you know that, you can build your desktop application using Js, html & Css? Do you know that,  your Visual Studio Code ,GitHub Desktop were built using Js? To know the power of Js framework for building Cross platform … Continue reading

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Webinar update for Quickstart development with angular & typescript held on 25th June, 2017

Successfully completed another webinar on Quickstart development using Angular & TypeScript by Pradeep Shet. I hope it was very much fruitful to all and will help others to kick start with Angular  :). Thank you audience for attending the session and being … Continue reading

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Webinar on “Learning Ng with Typescript” on 6th May, 2017

Angular is taking the lead now a days. Are you running behind? In this 90 minutes session of intense code and concepts, Chander Dhall (Microsoft MVP) will take you from a beginner level in Typescript to an advanced level in … Continue reading

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Webinar on “Learning .Net Core” on 5th Mar, 2017

With everything moving towards open source, Microsoft’s biggest framework “.Net Core” will bring a huge revolution in coming future. To understand more about this framework, on 5th of March (Sunday), there is a webinar conducted by Saillesh Pawar on “Learning .Net … Continue reading

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Webinar on Unleash the power of Mongo DB Part 1 on 5th Nov, 2016

Add to calendar – As we all know, MongoDB is a free and open-source cross-platform document-oriented database program. Also Classified as a NoSQL database program, MongoDB uses JSON-like documents with schemas. To know more about it in detail & how … Continue reading

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